Wednesday, 17 October 2012

MedSolutions has partnered with Passport Health Plan to provide authorization services for outpatient elective procedures.

Effective from October 1, 2012 date of service Passport Health Plan member require prior authorization from Med Solutions for all outpatient elective CT, MR, PET and numeric cardiac Imaging studies.

Services require authorization

All outpatient, non-emergent, diagnostic imaging services including

  • CT / CTA
  • MRI / MRA
  • PET
  • NCM / MPI
Services do not require authorization
  • Inpatient radiology
  • Radiology testing done in the Emergency Room
  • 23 hour observation
How can we request authorization from MedSolutions?  

We can request authorization from MedSolutions in three ways as below.
  • Through Website   - (Registration required)
  • Through Phone      - 877 791 4099 (Availed on Monday to Friday at 8AM to 9PM EST)
  • Through Fax          - 888-693-3210 (we need to MedSolutions fax request form only. It’s available in their website)
What kind information requires for authorization request?

To request authorization by website, phone or fax below details are required.  
  • The patient’s name & address
  • The current patient ID
  • The working or differential diagnosis
  • Prior tests, lab work and/or imaging performed related to this diagnosis
  • Notes from the patient’s last visit related to the diagnosis
  • Type and duration of treatment performed to date for the diagnosis
Authorization will be faxed to requesting provider upon approval however there is no changes in the claim submission. So we can submit the claim continuously to Passport Health Plan but the questions regarding authorization should be communicated with MedSolutions only.


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